The Founders Circle

What "Giving Beyond The Horizon" Means...

Lake Lure from Chimney Rock

As a small early-stage community foundation, building up the endowment upon which it exists, is vitally important. It is the only significant way in which to deepen the impact of the organization over time.

The stronger and larger the endowment, the more money we have to award grants locally, not through the endowment itself, but through the investment earnings it yields.

To the end, the Founder’s Circle was created to establish a strong basis of funding for the Foundation for a small group of people who wish to support the Hickory Nut Gorge in a significant and lasting manner. These are the individuals that future generations will honor and remember for their vision to see beyond the horizon of today’s current needs. They are making an investment into the Gorge for their children and grandchildren and yours.

Founder’s Circle donors commit a minimum of $250 annually over a period of 10 years. 

For more information about the Founder’s Circle, contact us
If you're a business and you would like to learn more about how your company can support the Foundation, check out the Builder's Circle

Below are the Founders Circle Members



Joe and Mabel Satrape


Gary and Patti Blenden
Forest and Cindy Edwards
Sean Ferguson
Victoria and Michael Jackson
Pam and Bob Keith
Kay and Dennie Martin
Paula and John Moore
Woody and Linda Turner



Bruce and Tina Ahart
Jim and Susan Dunn
Deloras and Liani Foster
Bill and Rae Frykberg
Clark Kessel
Russ Pitts and Lynn Carnes
Jim and Patti Rhodes



Lee Armstrong and Mike Lumpkin
Richard and Louise Eisworth
Tommy and Julie Hartzog
Ann Herrmann
Angelo and Pat Grillo
Thomas and Carole McKay
Mary Oddo
Rick and Rhoda Picard
Wade and Ginger Upton
Todd and Melinda Morse



John and Dawn Regan
Valerie Hoffman and Lance Johnson


Jim and Michelle Nordberg
Kenneth and Kathy Tanner
Michael and Cathe Frierman
Michael McCraw
Kevin and Yvonne Cooley
Judy Arnold
Anne and David Gallup
Cathy and David Leestma
Timothy Pennell, MD
Jean Kaufman and David Robinson
Sharon and Ric Thurlby
Dianne and Bill Ward
Chris and Darby Williams
Kathy and Kurt Garbow
Lyn Weaver



Jack and Karen Barton
Ron and Dru Buesing
Don and Kim Cason
David and Peggy Dahle
Peter and Mary Ellen Hollarback
Randee and Neal Levin
Tom and Laurie Manderbach
Dan and Bonnie Raney
Monica Rivera
Dr. Laurie and Tonie Smith
Pattie and Jim Stewart
Clarke Ward


Class of 2017

Greg and Cindy Balk
Joe and Mary Deyak
Charles and Susie Ellis
Steve Gale and Mary Jaeger-Gale
Wolf and Tracie Kutter
David and Esther Lusk
Nancy McNary
Richard and Barbara Nelson
Jim and Janet Walters
George and Hope Wittmer


Class of 2018

Bob and Mary Kay Cassano
Don and Karen King
Alan and Ann Leavens
Julie McKinney

Class of 2019

Marta Campbell
Ned and Robin Kiser
Jim and Carla Lemmons
Buddy and Crystal Morrison