The Legacy Leaders

As a small early-stage community foundation, building up the endowment upon which it exists, is vitally important. It is the only significant way in which to deepen the impact of the organization over time.

The stronger and larger the endowment, the more money we have to award grants locally, not through the endowment itself, but through the investment earnings it yields.

To this end, the Founder’s Circle was created to establish a strong basis of funding for the Foundation for a small group of people who wish to support the Hickory Nut Gorge in a significant and lasting manner. These are the individuals that future generations will honor and remember for their vision to see beyond the horizon of today’s current needs. They made an investment into the Gorge for their children and grandchildren and yours.

To invigorate and increase this investment the HNGF Directors have created a new donor group, named Legacy Leaders, whose donor enrollment is accelerating the endowment’s growth. Each Legacy Leaders member makes a 10-year pledge to donate $250 annually to the endowment.

The expansion of the Legacy Leaders members will be the key to the Directors’ lofty goal to reach an endowment of $1 million by Lake Lure’s centennial in 2027. For more information about the Legacy Leaders, contact us.

Download the Legacy Leaders Donor Form

If you're a business and you would like to learn more about how your company can support the Foundation, check out the Builder's Circle

Below are the Legacy Leaders Members

*Class of 2020

*Class of 2021