Why Support Us?
The Hickory Nut Gorge

It isn’t that you shouldn’t support other worthwhile causes and organizations. As we often point out, chances are pretty good that the organizations you have supported have benefitted from the grants that we make through the support of our donors.

The Hickory Nut Gorge Foundation has positioned itself to build and strengthen the fabric of our community in the Gorge. It can be said that in many ways we are laying the groundwork for the home of tomorrow, one that we may not see. But our children and grandchildren will.

And if we do our jobs right, they will grow up to support the Gorge too. That is our hope and our vision.

Making an unrestricted gift is one of the best ways to leave a personal legacy to the community you love.
We have defined several areas where your support can make a difference:

• Enhancing and Protecting the Environment

• Advancing the Arts

• Assisting People in Need

• Building Community

• Supporting Economic Vitality

• Promoting Quality Health

• Supporting Education